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Suzhou Yuchuang Intelligent Instrument Technology Co.,Ltd

ChangShu Huier Petroleum & Chemistry  Industrial Instrument Co.,Ltd

Address: Yangzijiang Road ,Changshu Economic Development Zone, Changshu City,Jiangsu Province 

Tel: +86  138 6260 8564

Fax: 0512-52290187

Contact: Allen Qiu

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ChangShu Huier Petroleum & Chemistry  Industrial Instrument Co.,Ltd is located in the Yangtze River Delta Economic and Technological Development Zone, is located in Yumizhixiang - Changshu, the company covers an area of 15,000 square meters, of which plant area of 8,000 square meters


‐A high‐tech manufacturer in China, 

‐Specializes in this field for 20 years, 

‐Provides OEM for companies abroad, 

‐CE,ISO9001:2000 of Quality System Certification, 

‐All the products obtained the national explosion proof certificate and accord to CE.

 Main  Products: 

Valve Positioner(Smart Posiitoner/Mechnical Positioner)

‐Limit switches/Solenoid Valve

‐Filter Regulator/Position Transmitter

‐Cluth gear operator

Company Profile

Company ProfileCompany Profile
Company ProfileCompany ProfileCompany Profile