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[Changshu valve positioner] level transmitter use matters that

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[Changshu valve positioner] level transmitter use matters that

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[Changshu valve positioner] level transmitter use matters that

The level transmitter is the principle of the height of the pressure proportional to the liquid-based, the use of isolation-diffusion silicon sensor or ceramic capacitive pressure sensor is advanced, the pressure is converted into electrical signals, temperature compensation and linear correction after becoming a standard electrical Signal level transmitter level measurement, suitable for a variety of media systems and petrochemical, power, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, water supply and drainage, environmental protection and so on. Compact structure, to provide users with easy and easy to adjust and flexible installation. Output standard signal, selected by the user as needed.

Liquid level transmitter works.

When the level transmitter is measuring the depth of the liquid, the liquid pressure sensor. Level transmitter attack force, measuring the density of the liquid, the local gravity acceleration, the pressure transmitter input liquid, the depth of the liquid, through the air pressure of the gas turbine is positive pressure chamber sensor, then the negative pressure chamber pressure sensor and The liquid surface to counteract the sensor feedback, making the measurement of the pressure sensor, by measuring the pressure clearly the depth of the liquid.

Level Transmitter Features:

Good stability, full scale, zero long-term stability, which allows low operating temperature range. With reverse protection, overcurrent protection circuit, in the installation, the positive and negative polarity will not damage the transmitter, abnormal shunt device can be automatically limited.

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