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[Changshu air filter reducer] compressed air filter pressure relief valve and the basic performance

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[Changshu air filter reducer] compressed air filter pressure relief valve and the basic performance

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Filter, pressure reducing valve and oil mist together to form a pneumatic triple. Filter is mainly responsible for filtering compressed air in the liquid water, oil and impurities, the main responsibility for the control system pressure, oil mist is responsible for the back-end components to the oil lubrication. In general, the oil mist used not much, because now there are many products can be done without oil lubrication, do not need the server.

The role of compressed air filter: remove the compressed air in the solid impurities, water droplets and dirt drops, etc., can not remove the gaseous oil, water.

According to the drainage method of the filter, there are manual drainage type. Automatic drainage type without any pressure when the drainage state, there are normally open and normally closed type.


The role of the valve: the pressure relief valve is a use of the media to adjust their own energy and control the pressure of the intelligent valve, through the control valve decompression pilot valve, you can adjust the main valve outlet pressure. The outlet pressure is not changed by the inlet pressure and the inlet flow rate. The outlet pressure is maintained reliably on the set planting and the adjustment value can be adjusted according to the required value.


The basic performance of the valve:

(1) pressure range: it refers to the adjustable pressure valve output pressure P2 range, within the scope of the required requirements to achieve the required accuracy. The voltage range is mainly related to the stiffness of the regulator spring.

(2) pressure characteristics: it refers to the flow g is set, due to input pressure fluctuations caused by the characteristics of the output pressure fluctuations. The smaller the output pressure fluctuation, the better the characteristics of the relief valve. The output pressure must be lower than the input pressure - the set value does not substantially change with the input pressure.

(3) flow characteristics: it refers to the input pressure - timing, the output pressure with the output flow g changes in the change of the sex. When the flow g changes, the output pressure changes as small as possible. The lower the output pressure, the smaller the fluctuation of the output flow.

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