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[Changshu valve positioner] installed full-diameter eccentric half-ball valve why much sought after?

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[Changshu valve positioner] installed full-diameter eccentric half-ball valve why much sought after?

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[Changshu valve positioner] installed full-diameter eccentric half-ball valve why much sought after?

As a representative of the new ball valve, eccentric semi-ball valve has its own unique advantages of the structure, such as the switch without friction, sealing is not easy to wear, opening and closing torque is small. This reduces the size of the actuator. With multi-turn electric actuator, can achieve the regulation of the media and tightly cut off. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, urban water supply and drainage and other requirements of the strict cut off the working conditions.

    While the eccentric half-ball valve in the full-diameter eccentric semi-ball valve is now in the market by the strong demand of consumers? In the end what characteristics to attract the numerous manufacturers of blitz it?

    The full diameter of the eccentric semi-ball valve, is a new full-diameter structure of the eccentric hemisphere, the valve caliber and internal flow is the same as a product, like the general are reduced diameter manufacturing process. Full-diameter eccentric half-ball valves are suitable for applications where traffic requirements are particularly high, such as oil, chemicals, electricity, metallurgy, electricity and other industries. Using the whole full diameter manufacturing, the valve flow channel is completely open, the head loss is zero; valve sealing is extremely reliable, wear and long service life. Ball valve in the open, the ball is placed in the valve body, not directly washed by the media. In addition, with automatic cleaning function, hard seal eccentric semi-ball valve edge of the ball edge with blade-like, can effectively remove the pipeline debris.

    In addition, the erection of eccentric semi-ball valve with some unique features, in line with today's vast areas for the development of China's essential requirements, which is why these new valves will be so rapid rise.

    1. Pressure loss: full water loss is zero, the flow channel is completely smooth; cavity automatic cleaning, spool 90 degrees rotation, automatically flush the body cavity, the media debris clean and the media will not be deposited in the Inside the valve chamber. The sphere is hemispherical, with the highest Cv value, enhancing the efficiency of the pump system and minimizing abrasion.

    2. Resistance to grain wear: the use of double eccentric principle in the closing process, only in the last minute ball crown against the ball seat, and not the formation of friction; and the seat seal ring welding wear-resistant self-lubricating alloy, Wear, easy to be washed; knife-shaped ball mouth and the ball between the ball with a clean sweep and shear effect, not easy to scale.

    3. Automatic compensation seal reliable: positive pressure, the use of eccentric principle, the ball and the valve seat more tight and tight, so as to get a good seal; back pressure, the floating seat under pressure, the seat automatically to the ball Tightening, the higher the pressure, the valve seat to the ball more and more tight, so as to get a good seal; can maintain a lasting tight seal, can adapt to harsh conditions. In the long-term use, the seat seal if the wear or damage, under the action of the spring seat automatically pushed to the ball, resulting in a good automatic compensation function.

    4. Suitable for high flow media: the ball hidden on the side of the valve cavity and the formation of straight flow without flow resistance, solid eccentric fixed crankshaft, high flow in the medium without vibration, no noise.

    5. Long life switch easy: no fragile parts, due to the role of eccentricity, the valve opening and closing process of the ball and the seat of the sealing surface completely out of the surface of the valve seat and the ball between the spherical surface without abrasion without friction rotation, effective The reduction of the operating torque twist, the operation of light; valve automatic compensation function, greatly improving the life of the valve.

    6. Easy maintenance: the valve mounted design, the ball crown and the ball from the top of the valve into the maintenance; only need to open the valve cover hanging out the ball crown and the ball can be maintenance and sealing rings and other accessories, do not have the whole The valve is removed from the pipe, which gives the underground pipeline, especially the atomic energy industry with a large ball valve to bring great convenience.

    7. The valve in the maintenance operations at the same time as appropriate to retain the media in the pipeline, will not cause energy waste; This eliminates the use of many of the auxiliary side of the work, so that maintenance becomes more simple.

    8. In some specific occasions, the valve during the repair can not affect the normal operation of the pipeline system, as long as the removal of the ball assembly quickly closed after the mouth can immediately restore the pipeline with the pressure operation, so that the repair valve caused by the benefits The loss is reduced to a minimum.

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