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[Changshu valve positioner] how to deal with high-end valve localization "dystocia" problem

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[Changshu valve positioner] how to deal with high-end valve localization "dystocia" problem

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[Changshu valve positioner] how to deal with high-end valve localization "dystocia" problem

"2012-2016 China valve and cock manufacturing prospects and investment forecast analysis report" shows: from 2012 onwards, the localization of high-end valve has become very difficult. The current basic parts has become a constraint to the domestic manufacturing industry to the development of high-end short board, China's high-end equipment, parts of the localization efforts to be further increased. The same time as

    High-end valve made in China "in the valve market (valve market analysis), has been able to provide a variety of products: such as heating valves, environmental protection valves, construction valves and so on. Although in recent years through the efforts of domestic enterprises, some high-end valve products have been achieved in China, but there are still some products in the import state. According to the data provided by China General Machinery Industry Association, this year, China's imports of larger pump products include: hydraulic reciprocating piston pump, other hydraulic reciprocating drainage pump, rotary axial piston pump, the speed of 10,000 / Min the following other centrifugal pumps, liquid pump parts, vacuum pumps and so on. Valve products include: pressure reducing valve, hydraulic transmission valve, pneumatic transmission valve, safety valve or relief valve, valve parts and so on. In the field of high-pressure valves still rely on imports, which is the future of China's valve needs to break through the field. The high-end valve industrial park is to build high-end, complete sets, internationalization and headquarters of China's high-end valve city, with 3 to 5 years to introduce high-end valve business 200, attracting investment of more than 20 billion yuan to achieve annual sales income of 500 More than 100 million yuan, and ultimately to achieve annual sales income of more than 100 billion scale.

    At present, both in the domestic market policy support, or the current level of technical aspects, are not favorable for high-end valve research and development. Overall, with the country to accelerate the revitalization of equipment manufacturing industry policy gradually, GM basic manufacturing industry development will be further focus on support. Petrochemical industry, power sector, metallurgical sector, chemical industry and urban construction, such as the use of large valves will enhance the demand for valve products, but China's sub-sectors of the valve import substitution feasibility is very different, high-end valves need more policy guidance And scientific research support. The same time as

    High-end valve localization "why" dysts According to the China General Machinery Industry Association, the person in charge of analysis, there are four reasons for this phenomenon.

    R & D investment in the long term. Domestic enterprises in product technology development concept with some foreign developed companies have a clear gap. Research funding, lack of R & D capital investment, has become an important factor in the control of independent research and development of valve enterprises. According to incomplete statistics of the pump industry, R & D capital investment accounted for less than 2% of the main business income, compared with well-known foreign companies, the industry's R & D capital investment is very small. Relevant statistics show that China's pump industry research and development costs throughout the year, not as good as a foreign company's research funding. The same time as

    Independent innovation capability is weak. It is understood that China's machinery manufacturing industry to introduce technology digestion and absorption is slow, most of the enterprise technological innovation capability is not strong, the main mechanical products core technology sources rely on 57%. Although China's pump manufacturing industry, most of the products have been basically achieved independent manufacturing, but the domestic enterprises are more bear the low-end products processing, autonomy of the breadth and depth to be improved. Such as now has started the localization of nuclear power plant complete sets of equipment in the nuclear-grade pump products and millions of kilowatts supercritical, ultra-supercritical thermal power plant complete sets of equipment in the high-pressure boiler feed pump core package products, the key core technology most still need Dependent on imports. The same time as

    The willingness of customers to buy domestic products is poor. Although the domestic products in the performance indicators to achieve the same level with foreign countries, but some customers are still willing to buy foreign technology and equipment, making the first set of major technology (valve technology, water pump technology) equipment pump products into the market more difficult. Although many domestic high-end pump products have a considerable technical level, but some use of the department is still a lack of operational performance and other reasons to refuse to use. Industry common technology research is missing. As a result of restructuring, some of the industry-oriented research institutes to become their own business, the nature of the structure and the focus of work has undergone great changes. The industry's technical support role is weakening, new technology, new technology development is slow, design, technology, materials and manufacturing standards are difficult to dock with foreign countries.

    In this regard, the parties made three recommendations: First, the establishment of enterprises to encourage independent innovation of the new mechanism. According to the national pump valve manufacturing industry comprehensive planning and regional layout planning, the construction of a number of regional leading technology and product development laboratories, test bases and product development center. Relying on a strong ability to innovate science and education institutions, the establishment of scientific and technological achievements spread site. Encourage and support the establishment of valve manufacturing technology R & D center.

Second, improve the technology promotion system. Rationally set up grassroots manufacturing technology to promote the organization, and gradually establish a national manufacturing technology to promote the organization as the leading, division of labor, services in place of diversified manufacturing technology promotion system.

    In addition, we must improve the scientific and technological training system, improve the protection of intellectual property rights system. Establish and improve the university, scientific research units and secondary vocational schools training service functions and basic education convergence, give full play to the strength of institutions at all levels. Further improve the market environment of new product innovation, and actively promote the development of new products, enterprises and scientific research units to establish a sound self-developed new product management rules and regulations.

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