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  • Release date:2017/09/05
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Data Sheet

Input Signal

Nominal range 4-20mAsplit range configurable

between 20…100% of nominal range

Output Signal


2Shut-off valveRange 0…20% of positioning signal11.jpg

(if the value falls below the set valve, the positioner

immediately moves the actuator to the closing position


3Output supply Boltage24VDC


4Used range0—120°rotary actuators

               0—60°linear actuators

5Stroke time010 seconds


6Air supply

Instrument airfree of oil,water and dust

Supply pressure0.14—0.6Mpa(Caution: Do not exceed the max, operating pressure f the actuator)

7、               Air consumption:<0.04kg/h(independent of supply pressure)


8、               Valve Action

        Direct signal 4—20mAposition  0—100

        Reversesignal 20—4mAposition  0—100

      Characteristic curve

  Linear,equal percentage




9Current Sampling Accuracy≤0.1%        

10Tolerance band 0.3——10 adjustable

11AD conversion   Sample rate5ms

12Environmental capabilities

Ambient temperature:-20~60 for working

:-30~85 for storage and transport

Relative:<75%(95 for a short timenon-condensing

13Explosion ProtectionEx ia II CT6


14Material   Aluminum


15Electrical connections   G1/2

Pneumatic connection   NPT1/4

Weight 1.8KG

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