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1.       General Informaion

HIC is electric-pneumatic valve positioner, which can be used in linear travel and angle travel actuator. It is a two-wire system device. Its power supply comes from 4—20mA input signal. The actuator can be single-action (spring recovery) or double-action (pneumatic open or pneumatic close).

Ø  The movement of actuator drives the resetting shaft of the positioner, passes on to the position sensor, then be transformed to electrical signal.

Ø  The inputted 4—20mA signal and actual position are passed on to CPU through A/D transforming. Microprocessor uses these data to calculate the control deviation by applying advanced algorithm, and drives the I/P module through PWM digital signal.

Ø  I/P module is the pneumatic output module of positioner. It includes guiding stage and simulative 3/3 slide valve assistant stage. The guiding stage transforms electrical signal into air pressure to drive the actuator through nozzle flapper and electromagnetic coil.



2. Technical Parameters

1. Input signal:4—20mA, it can be set as split-travel control input according to user’s          

    requirement. The split travel range      can be set between 20—100%.

2. Simulate feedback signal: 4-20mA DC [24V DC connect load in series in the power supply circuit (ampere meter).

3. Output switch signal supply voltage: 24VDC

4. Air supply:

Instrument air source: oil-free, water-free, dust-free. (clean class: particle size less than 5 um, particle density less than 5mg/m3.

Oil content: consistence less than 1mg/m3, pressure point less than operating temperature.

Air supply pressure: 0.14-0.7Mpa (note: do not exceed the maximum operating pressure).

5. Air consuming: 0.03kg/h (nothing to do with air supply pressure)

6. Function direction:

    Forward direction: signal 4—20mAposition 0—100

     Reverse direction: signal 20—4mAposition 0—100

7. Characteristic curve:

1) Linear equal percentage

2) 1:25



8. Electric current sampling precision: ≤0.1%

9. Fine adjustment range: 0.3—10 adjustable

10. A/D conversion sampling rate: 5ms

11. Quick closing range value: locating signal range 0-20% (if the value is lower than the setting value,

     the positioner will drive the  actuator   to the closing position immediately)

12. Environment adaptability:

      Environment temperature: 2070 work

      Environment temperature: 3085 storage, transportation

      Relative humidity: 75 (short time 95%) no condensation phenomenon

13. Anti-explosion grade: plant essential safety type

      Anti-explosion standard: ExibCT6

      International safety certification: TUV

14. Housing material: aluminium

15. Electric connection: G1/2

16. Pneumatic connection: NPT1/4

17. Weight: 2Kg

18. Dimension: 245x90x1


3. Order Information



Note: Special specifications and requirements can be ordered separately

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