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The development prospect of Internet in valve industry is wait-and-see

2020-08-13 17:44:40
[Changshu valve positioner] Valve industry Internet development prospects wait-and-see

The Internet, also known as the Internet, is a global network connected to the world's netizens through a thin wire. On the Internet, you can browse almost any information you need, and it is free and public. It maximizes the resource utilization of all data and can exist in many forms. Therefore, the Internet is changing people's study, work and life style more and more profoundly, and even affecting the whole social process.

The valve industry belongs to the traditional industry. As an indispensable fluid control equipment and an important part of large complete sets of equipment in all sectors of the national economy. Plays a vital role in every position.

So what are the connections between these two different industries?

In the growing process of the Internet, all the traditional industries are inevitably impacted more or less by this new thing, including the valve industry of course. Some industries have fallen on hard times, while many have mushroomed and gained new opportunities. We went down the road of Internet development. On the Internet, all the information resources transcend the geographical limitations. In today's highly developed logistics, even if we are thousands of miles apart, we can become partners.

Valves are widely used in petrochemical industry, oil refining industry, nuclear power industry, thermal power industry and other industries. In addition, the construction industry and special industries need to use valves. The use of the valve is very wide, in many enterprises have used, this fully shows that the development of the valve is very rapid, good prospects. And in the next 10 years, thermal power, nuclear power, hydropower, large-scale petrochemical industry, oil and gas gathering and transportation pipelines, coal liquefaction and metallurgy and other major engineering construction will get unprecedented development, with its supporting valve new products will also become the focus of development, the rapid growth of the entire valve market. Moreover, the general products in valve products are easy to manufacture and in great demand, and the global competition is also very fierce. In the whole market, the concentration of the valve industry is higher, and has not formed a monopoly. Combined with the immediacy and cross-regional nature of the Internet, the whole industry looks promising.




 +86 512-52392000

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