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Development trend of valve standard

2020-08-10 22:18:23
Development trend of Chinese valve standard

(1) Strengthen the links between standards and scientific research, especially research on major national scientific and technological projects, guide backbone enterprises with advanced scientific research and technology, transform the achievements of independent innovation into standards, and promote the development of new technologies and new processes.

The national valve standard Committee is now formulating the national standard "intelligent electric valve device". The valve intelligent electric device is a new product developed at the beginning of this century. Through the introduction and research and development, China has mastered the technology, and the development is very fast. Yangzhou electric power repair, Tianjin Ertong, Wenzhou Rotok, Changzhou power station auxiliary machinery and so on can produce, the product quality is also quite good. The establishment of high technology content of the "valve intelligent electric device" standard, to promote the development of the industry, block or reduce the import of products has a great role.

A batch of new products, new technology into the standard, reduce the cost, improve the efficiency, optimize the product function, and make the new products and new technology quickly recognized by the market, promote the progress of the valve industry.

(2) Develop standards for energy conservation and consumption reduction, new materials and other aspects to promote industrial restructuring.

China's natural resources are limited, so the establishment of electricity, water and material saving standards is one of the development directions of valve standards. We will accelerate the elimination of products with low efficiency and high energy consumption, adjust the industrial structure, and promote the development, popularization and application of new technologies and products.

Valve in material saving, the focus is to study new materials, with new materials instead of metal materials, achieve the purpose of saving steel and precious metal.

The new ceramic valve adopts the new ceramic material to make the sealing parts and vulnerable parts of the valve, which improves the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and sealing of the valve products and greatly extends the service life of the valve. Ceramics are made of a wide range of raw materials with low cost. Ordinary elements such as aluminum, carbon, silicon and so on can be used to produce ceramic materials with superior performance, which can save a lot of metal materials and rare mineral resources. Ceramic valve is used in electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, sewage treatment and other industrial fields, its wear resistance, good sealing, can minimize leakage, will play a positive role in promoting environmental protection. Closely following the development of technology, the valve standard Committee has formulated the standard of "Ceramic sealing Valve" (JB/T10925-2005) to accelerate the promotion of ceramic sealing technology and promote the development of ceramic sealing materials.

In the aspect of reducing energy consumption, develop valve products with small flow resistance and loss. In terms of power saving, the emphasis is on the electric device of the valve, and the energy consumption of the electric device can be controlled by selecting the electric device with low energy consumption and low noise, and improving the structure of the electric device.

(3) Actively participate in international standard activities and accelerate the conversion of international standards for valves

The world has entered the development period of economic globalization, and the inevitable trend of economic globalization is the internationalization of standards. Through the study of the correlation between ISO standard and China valve standard, we have a general understanding of China's valve standard standards, determine the direction of adoption, and increase the strength of standards. At the same time, we should strive for substantial participation in the work of international standardization, integrate Chinese standards into international standards, and strive for the right of discourse and dominance of international standards. Due to historical and regional reasons, the CURRENT ISO/TC153 "valve" has formed the pattern of Europe and the United States as the main body. Therefore, on the one hand, the National Valve Standard Committee actively participates in and hosts the international standard meeting; On the other hand, we actively sent our experts to join the standards Committee "TC", the sub-committee "SC" and the working group "WC" of international organizations. We took seriously the vote of the draft international standards, and provided the provisions favorable to our country to the SECRETARIAT of ISO/TC153, so that the international standards could reflect our reasonable requirements.

(4) Improve the safety of valve products to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.

Many valves are used in pressure lines and safety is of Paramount importance. The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China has issued the Technical Specification for The Safety of Special Equipment. As one of the pressure pipe components, valve is also included in the special equipment. There are two main reasons for safety accidents caused by valve products. One is that the product fails to meet the standard requirements, such as the wall thickness requirements of the shell, flaw detection and inspection requirements of welding joints, material requirements, etc., and the other is improper installation and use. The National Valve Standard Committee has always attached great importance to the safety requirements in product standards. These requirements have been cited in the Technical Specification for Safety of Special Equipment and become mandatory requirements, so as to maximize the safety of equipment and personnel. In recent years, the Valve Standard Committee has successively applied for the formulation of standards such as specification for minimum Wall Thickness of valve Shell and General Requirements for Installation, Use and Maintenance of Industrial Valves. The safety requirements and the revision of valve safety standards will be the focus of the future work.




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